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Disney Colorbars

Disney is Love

Disney Color Bars
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All Members , Moderated
Disney Rainbows is a community for posting and requesting Disney-themed colorbars. This community is operated and moderated by singmearainbow

If you're looking for something specific, try browsing the memories.

Here are the rules for this community.

Posting Colorbars
♦Please put all colorbars behind cuts.
♦All posts will be archived in the memories for this community. Because a post can't be listed under more than five categories, please limit your posts to five categories per post. (Posting more than five colorbars is okay as long as they only cover five categories; if, for example, you posted six colorbars but two of them were from the same movie, that would be fine.)
♦Posting a code is not required, but very helpful.
♦Only post colorbars that have something to do with Disney. (That should be obvious.)
♦Colorbars only! No icons, banners, etc.

Requesting Colorbars and Answering Requests
♦Check the memories. You might find what you want there.
♦Providing images is not required, but you'll be much more likely to get a response if you do.
♦If you decide you want to fulfill a request, leave a comment saying you will.
♦Requested colorbars may be posted as a comment to the original request or as a new post. If it's a new post, remember to say who the request is for.
♦Unless otherwise stated, requested colorbars may be used by anyone. If you really want a colorbar that is exclusively yours, mention that in your request. It's probably a good idea to have your name put on it if you really don't want anyone else using it.
♦Try to get requests done in a timely manner.

♦You may promote communities and journals here if they have something to do with Disney colorbars. Disney graphics communities or colorbar communities with something like Disney, animation, fairy tales, etc. as a focus are okay. GENERAL COLORBAR/GRAPHICS COMMUNITIES ARE NOT.
♦Be nice. No insults, no flaming. If someone posts something that is off-topic, or if they forget to use a cut, or something like that, a simple "This is off topic" or "LJ cut, please" will suffice. Don't flame the poster.

That's it for the rules. Enjoy.